The DFL CrossFitter

I’m back

After a lengthy year and a half long battle with a significant back injury. ..I’m back to CrossFit.

Joined a new box, a lot less competition focused than the old one. Two great coaches who know my history, watch out for me and push me when I need it, not just for the sake of getting more reps.

Feeling good, looking better…and shockingly not dead last all the time.

Striking Fight Gone Bad

Striking - Fight Gone Bad (3 Rounds)

The Push-Press of F.G.B. is replaced by a 4 strike combination for a new Striking WOD. The combo consists of a Left Hook, Right Hook, Left Roundhouse Kick and Right Roundhouse Kick. Each 4 strike combo equals 1 rep. You may scale the combo based on your skill level and/or conditioning.

NOTE: You may alternate the combo beginning with a Right Hook.

1.) Wall-ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
2.) Sumo Deadlift high-pull (Reps)
3.) Box Jump (Reps)
4.) 4 Strike Combo (Reps)
5.) Row (Calories)

F.G.B. RULES Reminder: You spend 1 minute at each of the 5 stations which results in a 5 minute round. Take a 1 minute break between rounds before repeating the next round. Scale as needed.

DFL again

So here’s the most recent WOD I completed, and yes I amazingly didn’t come in dead last. Workouts that involve moving quick, I can usually hold my own. Ones with a lot of weight, yeah that will be me bringing up the rear.

I managed to get a total of 10 rounds in, after which I collapsed into a pool of moaning sweat on the ground.


3 OH Squats (50% 1 RM)

6 Bar Facing Burpees

9 Sit Ups

*rest 1 minute in between rounds

*complete for a total of 5 rounds

*score is total completed rounds

So why the blog dude?

Well the idea came to me during a WOD a few weeks ago that I actually didn’t managed to come in dead last. One of my fellow CFers commented as the last person was nearing the end “yeah nobody likes to finish last”

I was struck by two thoughts, one yes that is true, but the second thought was who cares at least we are all out here working rather than eating chips on the couch.

So I’ve decided to be the champion, or not so champion, of the dead f-ing last finisher.

We won’t all make it to regionals, hell most of us won’t even compete in the Games, so we need a voice.

I nominate myself.

I hope I don’t fuck it all up.